Entry 26: UniWar

UniWar is a hex-based, turn-based strategy war game for mobile devices (iOS and Android). Having heard good things about it, I decided to finally download it and give it a shot, but before that happens I decided to check some online casino that a friend of me recommend as well I check the info at http://originalwriting.ie/terms-and-conditions-tied-to-no-deposit-bonuses-at-irish-casinos/ to be the best one in online casino games.

As mentioned the gameplay occurs on a hex grid; each hex represents a single kind of terrain and overall I was somewhat reminded of the look of Catan. Certain hexes are designated as bases; capturing these hexes will increase the amount of resources the player gets per round to build units and also serve as building points. Capturing a hex is done by placing a ground-based infantry unit (such as a marine) on it and beginning the capture procedure. If the unit survives to the beginning of the players’ next round, the base is captured and that unit is lost. The units themselves are have different stats and abilities and from my limited experience seem well balanced; the fact that some perform better in some terrain types (such as marines in mountains and forests where they would presumably have cover) is a nice touch that lends itself to many tactical considerations. There are three asymmetrical factions, though I only played as the basic humans during the earlier missions of the campaign mode. Some of the units’ interactions, such as the human engineers’ ability to disable any of the android Titans faction make me wonder about balance in the multiplayer mode, but I’ve yet to try it.

UniWar sees so far like a solid stripped-down turn-based strategy game. As with any game of its kind I’ve felt that every move must be considered and that every unit has a use, from marines to tanks and artillery. The graphics are minimalist but get the job done, and so far the campaign has done a solid job of introducing units and mechanics mission after mission without feeling too much like an extended tutorial. Considering how many “twitch-based” apps I have on my phone, I am glad to have a more cerebral challenge among my portable games.


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